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Singles Guide to Dating Smarter, Not Harder
How to control your pH level – and your feminine health
What’s next in outdoor living? Top trends for 2020
Five top trends that will influence outdoor living over the next decade
Start meal planning with simple tips from the pros
Meal planning is easier than you think.
Spring cleaning for spring allergies: 6 steps from the experts
Learn the most effective ways to clean to eliminate allergies in your home.
Tech trends transforming education today
Hot trends in kitchen remodeling
Why hardwood is an essential part of any kitchen refresh.
Addressing racial and economic inequity: A personal connection to a powerful film
So, what’s the deal with beef and heart health?
A few easy tips for integrating red meat into a Mediterranean-style eating pattern.
Simple steps to help students explore trade careers
Three questions every senior with diabetes should ask
Three important questions that seniors with diabetes should ask their doctor.
Bob Evans Farms sponsors veteran entrepreneurs grant
Preserving analog photos is easier than ever
Expert tips and tricks to brighten your brunch
Turning gaming into a career: How girls are taking the reins
Boost your weekend self-care routine for a night in or out
Ways to give yourself some pampering.
Tips to get your house ready for entertaining
Siblings: Helping them cope with childhood cancer
5 ways to help a child cope with a sibling's cancer.
Winterize your wheels: Ways to stay safe on the road
Survey: Many homeowners are not prepared for an emergency
A Young Professional’s Journey with Depression (MDD)
Spice up your bean routine with globally inspired recipes
3 recipes highlight worldwide flavors.
3 expert tips to succeed with any diet routine
Smartphone upgrades don't have to cost a fortune
A smart and simple way to get out of an uncomfortable situation
Hottest kitchen trends from KBIS 2020
Advanced kitchen technology to improve your cooking, as seen at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show
4 easy tips to boost your energy
Simple strategies to help you stay active and healthy, with a recipe for Strawberry Protein Pancakes.
Ease into cord cutting with 4 easy steps
Easy steps to figure out if cutting the cable cord is for you.
How to break through the financial conversation barriers with your partner
The benefits of sleepaway camps for children and teens
5 sweet ways to celebrate Valentine's Day
Spotify explores why women love true crime as it releases new True Crime podcasts
New content for true crime-obsessed fans.
Tips to stay warm and safe from carbon monoxide
Why CO alarms should be installed on each level of the home.
How to not let hearing loss impact your life and relationships
A new video series shows how crucial a hearing loss solution is for changing lives.
A challenge to older Americans: Take the flu seriously
The flu is an infectious disease that must be taken seriously - especially by those who are most vulnerable.
Avoiding Valentine's Pitfalls in 2020
Solutions for all your Valentine's Day shopping problems.
What you need to know about Age-related Macular Degeneration
Tips to take action to reduce the risk of AMD progression.
Influencer mom Katie Stauffer's tips on getting kids through a cold
How family game night can boost skills for kids
Financial insight: Red flags and smart steps to avoid scams
Simple ways to help caregivers focus on their own wellbeing
Bringing the indoors out: 2020 outdoor living trends
Today's trends for designing enjoyable, livable outdoor spaces.
Consumer Safety Alert: Anchor It! Ahead of the Big Game
5 ingredients for a heart-healthy lifestyle
Easy-to-follow tips for a healthy heart, with link to recipe for Easy Lemon Pepper Salmon.
Hot bathroom trends for 2020
How you can create a spot that is functional and increases your home's value.
Recognize an overdose, know how to respond and carry naloxone — you could save a life
5 tips for hosting a top-notch big game party
Ideas for hosting the party of all parties.
Top indoor fitness trends to stay in shape this winter
No need to chill to get fit with these trending indoor fitness ideas.
How to find the best tires for winter driving
Top 2020 food trends
The new year brings predictions about the latest trends in cooking and dining out.
Trust your gut: Get the story on probiotics
3 things a dermatologist wishes you knew about breakouts
Swiping payment cards at the pump could put your card information at risk
Three ways to give youth hockey a boost in your hometown
How to protect yourself from fraud this year
Get your glow on: 6 tips to make your skin and hair shine
How living with AI can improve your daily life
The role of artificial intelligence in products we use every day.
2 simple questions may lower your pet's medication costs considerably
Ask your vet these questions to reduce your pet's prescription costs.
Shaping our future with AI
How artificial intelligence works in products to make everyday lives easier.
Smart tips to manage high-deductible health plan costs
6 simple steps to take control of your finances
6 menopause myths debunked
Common myths about perimenopause and menopause, and the facts.
3 signs of discomfort to watch for in your dog
Signs your pup may be suffering from health problems.
Lean and Mean: Turkey Helps Build a Balanced Lifestyle
How to stick with a healthier lifestyle, when most people report failing their resolution by Jan. 12.
Jigsaw puzzles – perfect for 'me' and 'we' time this winter
Help make a child’s wish come true
How Make-A-Wish has helped an 11-year-old cancer survivor achieve her dream of traveling to Hawaii.
7 ways to get creative with your FSA money
Escape winter doldrums: Warm up with hot deals at your local boat show
4 common fitness myths debunked
Important truths behind fitness myths.
Coping with the Challenges of Mental Illness During the Holidays
How mental illness and a movement disorder called TD can make holidays difficult, and tips for coping.
6 ways to focus on yourself in the new year
A guide to self-improvement in 2020.
Resolving for a healthy 2020? Talking to your family is a great way to start
8 gift ideas for energetic entrepreneurs
5 ways to be more productive in the new year
Easy tips to make the most out of each day.
5 tips for winterizing your health routine
Expert tricks to add to your oral care routine.
How to throw an unforgettable holiday party
9 subscription services that make the perfect gift
A subscription box for everyone on your list.
Better baking: 5 things to know about your oven
Five questions to ask before your next batch of goodies.
6 tips every holiday baker needs to know
Tips to help you bake like a pro.
The winter wine you should be drinking (and sharing) this season
Creating a game plan to manage a tough blood cancer
4 tips to deal with this chronic illness.
How to make financial wellness your New Year’s resolution
Host-with-the-most: A step-by-step guide to wow-ing holiday guests
Three ways to make sure your festivities go off without a hitch.
How scholarships can help today's companies encourage top talent
8 tips to prep your home during (and after) the holidays
How to enjoy a cleaner home so you can focus on loved ones.
Club for the Future enables students to send space mail
Meningitis nearly killed my healthy child: What parents need to know
Self-care re-imagined: Achieve higher quality 'me time' in the bathroom
Tips to incorporate self-care into your get-ready routine in the bathroom.
Making a Difference: Why Finding the Right Schizophrenia Treatment Plan Matters
Information for families affected by schizophrenia.
Need gaming gift ideas? Here's a gift that wows today and for months to come
Reasons people are choosing Xbox All Access.
Discounted access to Amazon Prime for customers on government assistance
The gig economy is on the rise – is it for you?
Stake out special occasion meals in the beef aisle
Prioritize your health in the New Year
Tips to help achieve a healthier you in 2020.
5 tips to boost your workout - and your results
New year, new ... tires?
How to maximize AI usage at home
The many benefits of using today's AI or "smart home" applications.
How to relax and enjoy holiday entertaining
A few ideas for keeping your entertaining enjoyable.
Don't let winter sports injuries freeze your fun
Supporting a Loved One with a Chronic and Progressive Lung Condition
How to provide help to your friend or loved one.
4 ways to conquer the holiday season
How to keep your house warm – even in freezing temperatures
Home improvement steps for staying warm in your home through a frigid winter.
Restore and look good: What to pack for your winter getaway
Put a stop to dry, itchy winter skin fast with easy tips.
Caution is king when it comes to winter driving
Expert tips for the perfect holiday roast
3 ways to add wellness to your vacation
Secrets to success from winners of Amazon’s Small Business Spotlight Awards
5 winter tips for healthy teeth and gums
How to maintain proper oral care throughout the winter months.
Keep mom, dad and the grands home safe with the latest technology
Pre-Party Rituals to Look & Feel Your Best This Holiday Season
Tech gifts for absolutely everyone on your list
The latest tech gadget suggestions for holiday shopping.
The must-have gaming gift this holiday season
If you're stumped about what gift to get a gamer this holiday season, here's an idea anyone would enjoy.
4 steps to get back on the road after a tire warning light
7 tips for long road trips with kids
From Seed to Supplement: Behind the Label
Tips to help ensure you're making smart and safe decisions when purchasing vitamins and supplements.
How to find the right balance with pain management
How to create a plan to talk to your doctor about pain management before surgery.
Eco-friendly gifts for a merrier (and greener) holiday season
Gifts for the gardeners, techies, alternative-energy aficionados and do-it-yourselfers on your list.
5 tech-forward innovations every holiday traveler can look forward to
Better by design: Senior tech benefits from user input
Using technology to connect families.
Hiring the next-gen employee
Creative ways to celebrate the holidays together
Amazon’s Best of Prime Highlights the Year’s Top Trends
The year's popular favorites in movies, music and more are revealed in Amazon's Best of Prime list.
4 home upgrades that are good for the environment
Home improvement ideas to save money, energy and help the environment.
9 Unique Ways to Teach Character to Kids [Infographic]
5 tips for stress-less holiday cleaning
Ways to prep your home for - and recover from - house guests and visitors over the holidays.
How to protect your most valuable asset
Tips to prepare your home for winter weather
Safety and energy checks and backups to help prevent home disasters over the winter.
Young mom doesn’t let MS get in the way of living her life
Questions to ask your doctor to be proactive in your care.
Smart homes aren't smart without fire sprinklers
Kick off 2020 by getting outdoors and enjoying state parks
Learn about free First Day Hikes at state parks nationwide.
3 tips for safe holiday driving
4 steps to financial fitness in the new year
5 simple ways to teach kids financial literacy
Tips for growing your small business this holiday season
5 Tips for Prioritizing Self-Care During the Holidays
Tips to take better care of yourself, physically and mentally, during the busiest time of year.
5 fire safety tips to follow this winter season
How to protect your family and home from winter fire hazards.
8 ways your smartphone can alleviate stress this holiday season
How to choose a Christmas tree
7 tips to pick the perfect tree this holiday.
5 ways to keep kids entertained over winter break
The most craftable time of the year
What you can do about your dog’s stinky breath
8 tips to allergy-proof your home this holiday
How to get your home guest-ready, even if you have pets.
A tasty guide to the perfect holiday cookies
Inga Lam of Buzzfeed's Tasty offers tips for cookies that will stun.
Air travel can be dangerous for passengers with disabilities
Your 2019 guide to climate-friendly holiday gifting
Before you start checking gifts off your list, consider how you can do even more this year.
How AI is Transforming Life at Home by Thinking of You
Traits of game-changing smart appliances with AI.
5 easy ways to give back during the season of giving
How cutting-edge technology is transforming cooking
Recognizing heart disease symptoms could help save your life
Treatment options available for those at risk.
5 tips to optimize your gaming experience
Prepare for the unexpected: Travel tips for peace of mind
Mortgage insurance: A faster way into your first home
The benefits of MI.
Tips to prepare you and your loved ones for an emergency
Easy gravy hacks for irresistible holiday cooking
Get great gravy without the hassle thanks to these tips and a simple recipe.
How to take a dream cruise on an authentic sailing ship
5 retirement questions to ask before 'How much should I save?'
Actress shares tips to shine bright this holiday season
Love dogs? Here's how to turn that passion into a successful side gig
Inspiration and tips from the 2019 'Whole Home Concept House'
Technology and home design elements featured in House Beautiful's 2019 'Whole Home Concept House.'
How to prepare for surgery and get back on your feet
Options to make sure you're ready for the road to recovery.
8 simple ideas to prevent home break-ins
5 reasons now is the right time to advance your career
Dairy-free? Plant-based? Tips to keep everyone happy at dinner
With a little preplanning, you can create meals that everyone will enjoy.
How to make any occasion sparkle
6 Ways to Save Time and Money This Holiday Shopping Season
Easy tips so you can save both time and money.
Destress by bringing the outdoors in
Healthy behaviors and design tips to help you bring nature's sanctuary indoors.
Interested in a new career? 4 reasons to consider nursing
Honoring veterans and moving into a new era of service
Making your own jewelry is easier than you think
Resources for supplies and tutorials to make your own jewelry, including a step-by-step process for chandelier earrings.
Stressed over open enrollment? Try these tips
Natural holiday baking tips
Choosing natural ingredients for baking desserts, with a recipe for Chocolate Bundt Cake with Peppermint Glaze.
6 hacks for savvy parents to save time and money
Tips to help you feel like a superstar parent.
Vast majority of Americans lose sleep to binge-watch TV
Holiday hacks: How to spend less time cooking and more time with family
Tips to give you more time to enjoy your delicious holiday traditions.
5 carbon monoxide safety tips
Reinvent your holiday meals using one simple ingredient
Make your celebrations the best yet with fresh takes on your favorite festive recipes.
Financial insight: Tips to reduce or eliminate high-interest debt
Your voice can make a difference for Rett syndrome
Survey is a step toward calling attention to the need for research of the disease.
How Invasive Pneumococcal Disease May Impact Your Baby [Infographic]
Why brighter headlights are better
Veterans Day: Go Beyond the 'Thank You' [Infographic]
Stay Healthy During the Holidays
Common-sense health tips for the season.
5 tips to help keep kids healthy during cold and flu season
How Americans deal with the stress of sick
3 inexpensive home maintenance projects that could save you thousands
3 project ideas to help prevent more costly issues.
Make room for your passions: How to maximize your garage space
How to spot hearing loss and improve quality of life
Warning signs of hearing loss in yourself and loved ones, and what you can do about it.
Program offers scholarship, internship in computer science
Embrace timeless design elements for a lasting aesthetic
4 things to focus on to ensure a timeless space.
How to Ski & Ride Safely While Protecting Your Noggin
3 DIY decor projects for the holiday season
5 money-saving tips for teens
Common causes and treatments for sensitive teeth
Several reasons people experience tooth pain due to sensitivity, and what they can do about it.
Boost your business through global expansion
Vital careers in today’s transportation industry
Stress-free tips and tricks to elevate your entertaining
Easy recipe ideas using standard pantry items like canned tomatoes and beans, tuna and pasta.
Tip or Treat: Ways to keep teeth healthy through Halloween
A dentist offers tips on good oral care habits for the Halloween season.
Who are the most dangerous celebrities to search for online?
10 essential laundry organization and maintenance tips
Ideas to help you care for your clothing, linens and towels.
4 simple steps to reduce the cost of diabetes medications
Travel tips: How vitamins can help you look and feel your best
Honor a youth volunteer: Awards deadline is Nov. 5
Advancing the fight against devastating neurological disease
Approximately 150,000 people living in the U.S. are affected by ataxia.
The power of positivity: Simple tips to change your life
The joy of giving: 6 ways to gift and give back this holiday season
5 tips to keep vintage clothing fresh anytime
Simple ways to keep clothing in top condition.
Be prepared: 3 tips to help you get the care you need
Should you go to the ER? How to know and tips to keep in mind when a health issue arises.
How physical therapy can help you manage pain